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Flying with a FLYTERANGA VA callsign on the IVAO network implies compliance and acceptance of the following rules:

   - Make a first flight in the month following registration. Otherwise, the account is deleted without notice;
   - Fly only with the call sign assigned to you;
   - Have a valid IVAO account, any exclusion from IVAO immediately results in the exclusion of FLYTERANGA VA;
   - Be 15 years old at the time of registration;
   - Comply with VFR or IFR aeronautical regulations depending on the type of flight;
   - Communicate with ATCs, endeavoring to use aeronautical phraseology;
   - Respect the rules specific to the network on IVAO (ATC contacts, do not pause the simulation, do not connect to or park on the runway,
     use the runways in service, etc.);
   - Behave with respect and courtesy towards other pilots and controllers;
   - Present yourself on the forum (bar section) within 7 days of entering;
   - Report any absence exceeding one month; after one month without a flight recorded with a FLYTERANGA VA callsign, your account will go to the “Inactive” state and it will be “frozen” automatically in the event of an unjustified absence of more than three months;
    - Any repeated violation of the rules would be followed by an interview with a member of the staff. The recurrence results in the definitive exclusion of FLYTERANGA VA without notice.

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